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Psychological Assessment Reports

Medico-legal reports from leading experts in the field of psychology.

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What we do

There are many terms for the reports we write. Psychological assessment reports, medico-legal reports, psychiatric assessment reports, personal injury reports, and litigation reports are often used interchangeably.

These reports document the extent of psychological injury suffered due to an event or ongoing situation.

Psychological Assessment
detailed professional opinion

Who are they for?

Psychological trauma can occur following an accident, or ongoing situation at the workplace, for example. This trauma is often contested in civil litigation claims.

We write reports for individuals in these cases, most often in personal injury claims.

We do not provide assessments in criminal or custodial cases. Neither do we provide diagnostic assessment or educational assessment.

Personal Injury Report
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What to expect

Typical psychological assessment reports:

  • Provide detailed professional opinion on the extent and manifestation of psychological injury directly relating to the disputed incident/s.
  • Provide best possible prediction of injury outcomes and treatment recommendations.
  • Relate directly to the legal issues of the case.
  • Are presented in a concise and clear manner, free of psychological jargon.
  • Reflect standard psychological practice.
  • Are usually returned within 3-5 weeks.
  • Cost €600 for the report & interview.   
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We are a patient-first professional counselling & psychotherapy clinic.

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