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Most things in life are complicated. Psychotherapy helps to work on the bigger picture.

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nothing happens in isolation

How we suffer

Every experience we have shapes us. Every so often there are events that change us dramatically, sometimes unknowingly.

Psychological symptoms are layered from many events in our lives, making them completely unique to each person.

Certain events can be more traumatic than others because of what’s come before. For example, we were once told we’d come to nothing, then one day many years later we lose our job. The psychological fallout can be profound.

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Our psychotherapists

As a clinic we’re not a mish-mash of different styles or levels of training. We all hold at least one relevant masters degree. We’re all psychoanalytic psychotherapists, too.

There’s a reason why in many countries when therapists are seeking therapy themselves they see a psychoanalyst. Our training, technique and method is considered as in-depth as it gets.

On top of that, we’re all full-time therapists. This is what we do. Day in, day out. It’s how we live.

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Why therapy?

Psychological pain is almost always confusing. Why is this affecting me so much? Why do I keep doing this? Why is this happening now? How do I stop this? There can be so many questions.

Working with a psychotherapist can help us work on these questions. Uncovering which events in our lives have changed us.

To negotiate with these events through language. To take what makes us suffer in our own unique way and transform it.

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We are a patient-first professional counselling & psychotherapy clinic.

Psychoanalytically trained. Dublin based.

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