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Eating ‘Disorder’ & Body Dysmorphia Treatment

Our treatment helps to work on the root cause of issues.

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Eating & Body Issues

Eating & body issues can be debilitating and distressing conditions. Thoughts and compulsions can overwhelm a person and take a toll on their bodies.

These issues typically come in all shapes and forms including binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, restrictive eating, body dysmorphia and all sorts of anxieties and fears relating to the body. 

Importantly, each person’s issue is unique to them. Our therapy works on the root of people’s suffering. 

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What’s it all about?

At the heart of ‘disordered’ eating, or body issues, is anxiety.

A relationship to food and/or our bodies has been formed in a particular way that can give temporary relief to anxiety. 

In this way, we can understand eating ‘disorders’ or body dysmorphia as a defence. As a solution against something worse. What could possibly be worse though?

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Why therapy?

What problem is our symptom trying to solve? Why is it here in the first place?

Many treatments steer away from these questions and can often treat the surface level manifestation of symptoms. 

Our treatment works on these questions; aiming at the root cause of eating ‘disorders’ and body issues.

By working on the cause of symptoms we aim to produce lasting change.

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