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We are a patient-first professional counselling & psychotherapy clinic.


Psychoanalytically trained. Dublin based.

An Other way of working. An Other way of living.

As Lacanian psychoanalysts our priority in treating patients is to appreciate what makes them unique. By focusing on the otherness of their symptoms we aim to move beyond the root cause of psychological suffering.

We don’t believe in quick fix therapy which can leave people stuck in repetitive loops. Instead we work towards lasting change.

To find an other way.


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One-by-One Treatment

“Who is this other who speaks in the subject, of whom the subject is neither the master nor the counterpart, who is the other who speaks in him? Everything is here.”

~ Jacques Lacan, Seminar 3

When I began with psychoanalysis it started with many questions about myself and others.

What leads us to suffer and hurt ourselves in tired old ways? What is this part of us that seems to have a mind of its own? And most importantly, is there anything we can do about it?

These questions are exactly why the clinic is here.

– Colin McDonnell, Clinic Director

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