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Bereavement Counselling

Suffering loss is not something we need to do alone.

Let’s talk about it.

many shades of grief

Forms of Bereavement

Unfortunately to live is to suffer grief and loss. It’s something we all face eventually. That’s not to say we all face it in the same way though.

Bereavement comes in all shapes and forms. The most obvious is the loss of a loved one, family member, friend or colleague.

Grief does not stop there, and we can also experience it through the loss of our dreams, a relationship, a pet, or a job.

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strangely, it functions

What’s bereavement about?

It might not seem it, but grief serves a very important purpose. It keeps what’s lost alive.

It’s painful, definitely it’s painful, but our memories, our anger, our sadness cling to keeping someone or something
precious alive. At least if in our thoughts.

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transforming grief

Why therapy?

Although grief is something we all suffer, we are also alone in it.

No two people have the same loss. No two people have the same memories and experiences. We are all alone in our singular suffering.

There is a way to express, to explore and to work through that individual pain. To speak about what makes us most alone. That’s what therapy is for.

To take what’s lost and keep it alive in a different way. To transform our grief.

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“That was one of the things I lost.
That was one of the things I lost hard. A sense of belief in myself, like I’d fucked up bad.
That me and Susie had looked away for a terrible moment, and this reflected savagely on everything else. A belief in the good in things, in the world, in ourselves evaporated. But you know, after a while, after a time, Susie and I decided to be happy. This happiness seemed to be an act of revenge. An act of defiance.
To care about each other and everyone else. And to be careful. To be careful with each other and the ones around us.”

~ Nick Cave, following the death of his son

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