You’re not the same as anybody else so why should your treatment be the same?

We’re psychoanalytically trained.

One thing this means is that we treat each person as an individual. Moving to and beyond the root cause of psychological issues.

Can we help you?

We’ve worked with most psychological symptoms imaginable so it’s very possible – it’s certainly worth a chat to see.

During a preliminary session you can speak with an experienced psychotherapist to see if it’s worthwhile working together.

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Working through challenging issues in a supportive environment can help untangle emotions and ease the burden.

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Most issues in life are complicated. Psychotherapy helps to take a look at the bigger picture.

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Couple’s Counselling

All relationships are tested in various moments. Working through relationship issues with a professional psychotherapist can help a couple to progress.

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Undergoing a psychoanalysis involves working on the unconscious affects relationships and language have had on our lives.

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Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is provided in cases of civil litigation where expert reports are required, such as personal injury claims.

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What people have said

“It’s strange. All these years, I’ve known a lot of this without actually knowing it if you get me? I’d walk around in a fog. Anxious. What we’ve been working on here, I just feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from me.”

“I really can’t thank you enough. When I think back on where I was last year it’s incredible. I feel like that was a different person. I’ve had a kid and I’m about to get married. When we began I didn’t know if I was able to have a relationship! So I really mean it, thank you.”

“..I feel so much happier with the person I am and I’m excited about the future now instead of scared.”