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You’re not the same as anybody else so why should your treatment be the same?

We’re psychoanalytically trained Psychotherapists.

One thing this means is that we treat each person as an individual. Moving to and beyond the root cause of psychological issues.

About Psychotherapy

Can we help you?

Since we’re trained to work on the root of symptoms we can work with pretty much everybody. 

The level of training within the clinic is beyond the industry standard. Each therapist holds at least one masters degree and has engaged in their own personal psychoanalysis for many years.

In short – if we can’t, we’re not sure who can. 

About Counselling

How much will it cost?

The ongoing cost is always case-by-case. 

The first preliminary session for an individual is €90 and the cost afterwards can be agreed with your therapist. Each person is different, but the average tends to be between €70-€90 per session. 

About Counselling

“It’s strange. All these years, I’ve known a lot of this without actually knowing it if you get me? I’d walk around in a fog. Anxious. What we’ve been working on here, I just feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from me.”

Previous Patient

“I really can’t thank you enough. When I think back on where I was last year it’s incredible. I feel like that was a different person. I’ve had a kid and I’m about to get married. When we began counselling I didn’t know if I was able to have a relationship! So I really mean it, thank you.”

Previous Patient

“..I feel so much happier with the person I am and I’m excited about the future now instead of scared.”

Previous Patient

“I was recommended this clinic and was sceptical at first, much like about putting a review online, but after the level of care I received I wanted to share. I had a lot of questions like was it for me, would I be able, could I afford it etc. but after contacting them many of these were answered and I felt more at ease. I had been struggling with things for a while and when I started I didn’t quite understand the connection between what the psychotherapist said and what I was saying but it really taught me to think twice about things and why I might feel a certain way, it’s really opened my eyes. Coming to counselling and more importantly sticking it out is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m sincerely thankful for all their help. Thanks again!!”

Previous Patient

“..I’ve been to counselling in dublin for a long time but always went around in circles. I could never actually hear myself or see what I was doing like I can now. ”

Previous Patient

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