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You’re not the same as anybody else so why should your treatment be the same?

We’re psychoanalytically trained Psychotherapists.

One thing this means is that we treat each person as an individual. Moving to and beyond the root cause of psychological issues.

About Psychotherapy

Can we help you?

We’ve worked with most psychological symptoms imaginable so it’s very possible – it’s certainly worth a chat to see.

During a preliminary session you can speak with an experienced psychotherapist to see if it’s worthwhile working together.

About Counselling

I had the privilege of working with Ashling Whelan, MIACP, as my therapist at The Other Clinic. I can’t emphasize enough how her compassion, expertise and professionalism have positively transformed my relationship with my partner. Her guidance and insights have been instrumental in helping me navigate and improve my communication and overall connection. I highly recommend Ashling to anyone seeking skilled and compassionate therapy.

Alan, Google Maps

I would highly recomend the services of the wonderful people at the other clinic. From the very first contact they have helped me to feel at ease and assured. They have guided me through my ongoing process, with great care and are enabling me finally to see how I am able to deal with so much more than i ever thought possible! . They have given me a safe place to jst talk and allow myself to really see why I have been struggling. Great people doing great work,!!!

Chris, Google Maps

“I was recommended this clinic and was sceptical at first, much like about putting a review online, but after the level of care I received I wanted to share. I had a lot of questions like was it for me, would I be able, could I afford it etc. but after contacting them many of these were answered and I felt more at ease. I had been struggling with things for a while and when I started I didn’t quite understand the connection between what the psychotherapist said and what I was saying but it really taught me to think twice about things and why I might feel a certain way, it’s really opened my eyes. Coming to counselling and more importantly sticking it out is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m sincerely thankful for all their help. Thanks again!!”

Barry, Google Maps

A truly fantastic service. Thank you.

David, Google Maps

Excellent service. Very professional.

Gabriel, Facebook

They are very professional and truly care about what they do.

Niall, Google Maps

“We used the other clinic and worked with Colin who was so welcoming and professional and walked us through everything. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Previous Patient, Facebook