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Our Credentials

All services in the clinic are provided by qualified and accredited psychotherapists. Each a member of at least one professional body.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy Appointments

Setting up an appointment is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is make a call or fill in the booking form and we’ll see when it’s possible to meet.

Any questions can be answered by your psychotherapist on the day but here’s some we prepared earlier.

Individual sessions are offered on a case-by-case basis. Each case is different. In the first meeting with your therapist you’ll agree on a price you’re willing to pay. It’s always case by case, but ON average, can tend to be between €70-€95. The first preliminary session for individuals is set at €95 however.

Couple’s counselling operates differently and is set at €125 per session.

Each of our therapists are well equipped to work with all symptoms.

All therapists at the clinic are trained to work on the root cause of symptoms – no matter what they are. 

To add to this, each therapist’s training and experience is beyond the industry standard.

While there is unfortunately no minimum requirement for training in Ireland, our treatment is offered only from therapists with masters level training at minimum. We also offer treatment from therapists with a minimum of five years experience. We also surpass the norm for personal therapy and supervision requirements by many years.  

So you can rest assured that any of our therapists would be capable of working with you. 

The ideal is to take a look at our psychotherapist’s biographies to see if anything resonates, and go from there.

If you have no preference one can be chosen at random. Remember that each therapist is trained in a very similar way anyway. 

Our Therapists

We provide counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, couple’s counselling and psychological assessment reports. We also work with teenagers.

Psychological reports are only provided in cases of civil litigation.

Anyone is welcome to undergo therapy as long as they’re willing. We can’t accept appointments made on the behalf of other adults unfortunately, as the first steps in  therapy are very important for people to make independently.

We work with individuals from the age of 18 upwards. We also work with couples. We also work with children from the age of 6 upwards, with parental involvement and consent. 

As psychoanalysts we have a very in-depth training. This means we’re well equipped to deal with all symptoms.

There’s no guarantee in life but we’ve certainly assisted many others in the past.

First appointments cancelled within 48hrs of the appointment time may incur the full cost of the appointment. 

Therapists may charge for cancelled or missed sessions after the first appointment.

We don’t provide CBT and generally don’t recommend it for people. We believe in working towards long term change.

We don’t provide diagnoses at the clinic. We believe in working through issues rather than labelling them.

The issues people face are always completely singular to them, so diagnostic manuals are little help when working through them.

Each of our rooms have air purifiers. They cycle the air in a room several times per hour and remove covid aerosols from the air.

We’ve provided sanitiser at several key locations in the clinic and have implemented a thorough cleaning schedule, including fabric sanitisation in-between patients.

Our rooms are generous in size making sitting two meters apart possible also.

There is no need to wear a mask during sessions. 

It’s complicated. Broadly speaking the difference is the depth of analysis. Counselling on one end of the spectrum and psychoanalysis on the other.

Don’t worry too much about choosing one. Through the course of therapy you’ll move naturally between them or not.

Sessions are variable in length and can end at any time. The most important thing is what’s said.

It depends on the case but usually once a week. There may come a time when it’s important to meet twice a week.

Psychotherapy isn’t a quick fix. You’ve had a lifetime forming a certain way so changing that takes work and time. We wish it was different but that’s the truth of it.

They might cover some costs. This usually depends on various criteria so you’ll need to get in touch with them to see what they cover. We’ll leave that between you and them.

There’s plenty of parking on Baggot Street Lower, Pembroke Street Upper & Lower and also around Fitzwilliam Square

Stephen’s Green Luas stop is a few minutes walk away.

Leeson Street and Stephen’s Green are serviced by many bus routes.

Dublin Bikes have a station on Pembroke Street Lower, just along the edge of Fitzwilliam Square.